Joy was our wedding planner for our wedding in June of 2014. Her services included meeting with us ahead of time to help nail down details about the day, helping us make decisions about how we wanted the day to go, and being there as a support for us and organizer for the day. I cannot express how much peace and support I felt having Joy there to help if things went wrong or if we simply wanted something to happen and didn't know how. Her personality is PERFECT for this position: she is so friendly and responsible, but she is so good about getting things done the way her clients want it done. Her respect for details can be seen through her willingness to help in any way and how she works with all of the other hired help of the day. I would not have wanted to trust my wedding day in any other hands because Joy is so good at what she does. We wanted a stress free day, and she truly did everything possible to make that happen- even down to bringing the bridal party snacks during photos. I loved working alongside Joy and I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a stress free event! Thanks again Joy! -Emma, Parkesburg, PA